NCS Construction Pre-Construction


The success of any commercial construction project depends on several key components. Each of these components plays a critical role in overall quality and functionality of the development. Of all the different components that make up the construction process, none are more important or critical than how a Construction Manager handles the Pre-Construction aspects of the project.

During this stage, a project can be evaluated and analyzed as to its various benefits and/or challenges.  NCS Construction Services LLC, through our many years of being in business, has been able to deliver quality construction and meet project schedules because we are knowledgeable as to the vital components that need to be addressed during this time of the project. These vital components, when evaluated at an early stage of the process, can enhance the productivity of the trades.  NCS Construction Services LLC takes a systematic approach to these vital components by providing such services as:

  • Environmental Site Evaluation
  • Sub-grade Soil Condition Confirmation
  • Public Utilities Infrastructure Analysis
  • Soil Topography Analysis
  • Site Acquisition Review
  • Site Plan Layout
  • Building Code Research
  • Municipality Coordination
  • Traffic Flow Analysis

By addressing these items, NCS Construction Services LLC allows our clients to have a “highly defined” overview of the various components that have the capability to either enhance or hinder the success of the project.  Thus, by performing these up-front services, potential obstacles that could lead to the demise of a project can be identified and avoided.

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